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Xceler Systems Inc. was founded in 2016.  The Xceler team has been involved in several firsts in the industry:

  • The founders seminal patent on packet based interconnects in PC systems, predating PCI Express and Hyper-transport which he invented in 1997 and is licensed industry wide
  • 2001 built a software router: modeled the router as a Graph Engine (Similar to Google Tensor) with each sequence of routing tasks forming the “Tensor,” or Graph.  The sub-graphs for each of the specific computational tasks were then mapped to physical elements in router implemented on co-processing cards
  • The router was demonstrated on a PC with FPGA plug in cards offloading sub-graphs or functions to enable it to function at line speed.  This is today’s NFV and Virtual Routers
  • The team built a custom MPI layer, Real Time Linux Kernel that allowed the machine to be deployed in one server or across many servers
  • As part of this effort the  team built Altera NIOS based multi-core processors on FPGAs and compilers to implement offloaded sub-graphs or functions which would plug back into the flow….”Tensor Flow,” using the MPI layer to form a seamless driver less distributed shared memory virtual router that could be partitioned across several servers

The Xceler team has experience in Semiconductors, Systems, Networking, Computing, Signal Processing and Communications

Xceler’s objective is to enable the next generation intelligent edge with the ability to run machine learning and AI algorithms